By Garra - 13/05/2022 in Chicken

Garra’s most commercialized protein celebrates its day

On the 10th, the World Chicken Day was celebrated. The date was established in 2012 by the International Poultry Council (IPC) and it’s celebrated by the 30 member countries. Each year, this protein, one of the most consumed in the world, gains more importance, with an increase in production, commercialization, and consumption. In Brazil, for example, this is the most consumed meat, present in 94% of homes.

Today, of all exports by Garra, 50% is represented by chicken. Brazil, the United States, Russia, Argentina, Poland, and Italy are the origins, and the main destinations are the Middle East and Asia.

“This was a celebration week for the sector, and at Garra, we also have reasons to celebrate. With reliable suppliers in strategic places around the world and regular offers, we can serve different markets with the quality desired by consumers. Even at a time of reduced world supply, Garra is prepared to find the best deal for customers”, says Fábio Bonassi, manager of white proteins at Garra International.

World production in 2021

United States – 20.3 million tons

China – 14.7 million tons

Brazil – 14.5 million tons

European Union – 10.8 million tons

Russia – 4.6 million tons


United States – 17.1 million tons

China – 15 million tons

Brazil – 10.2 million tons

European Union – 9.6 million tons

Mexico – 4.7 million tons


Brazil – 4.2 million tons

United States – 3.3 million tons

European Union – 1.7 million tons

Thailand – 930 thousand tons

Turkey – 470 thousand tons


Japan – 1 million tons

Mexico – 930 thousand tons

China – 785 thousand tons

United Kingdom – 625 thousand tons

European Union – 615 thousand tons

               Source – Embrapa

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