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Purveyors of Fine Foods, since 1995

Garra International is a New Zealand-owned company founded by Ali Mossalem, specialising in the marketing and exporting of the highest quality Red Meat, Offal, Dairy, Vegetables and Seafood products from trusted suppliers throughout the world for markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our experienced team manages all aspects of the supply chain including Logistics, Labelling and Documentation processes. Head office is in Christchurch, New Zealand and our supporting offices in Melbourne, Australia and Cairo, Egypt provide the benefit of cultural knowledge and up-to-date market information for our customers.

With extensive experience in the food industry, Garra’s reputation is founded on providing superior customer service to the markets in which we specialise.


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Meat Cuts

With long-established, reliable supply options in New Zealand, Australia, North America, South America and Europe, Garra International has the ability to meet your Beef, Lamb and Mutton requirements all year round. These high quality protein items are Halal slaughtered and processed at modern facilities, which are highly certified and regularly audited.

Beef is offered in full-sets of Natural Fall, as well as individual cuts. Lamb and Mutton are produced in whole carcasses, 6-way cut carcasses and individual cuts. Milk-fed Bobby Veal cuts are also available during the processing season, which runs from July to October in New Zealand and Australia.

For most meat items, you have the choice of Frozen products, Fresh products, Chilled products including gas-flushed packaging technology to extend chilled shelf life. Thanks to our years of experience in the Middle East region, we completely understand the labelling, packaging and shelf-life requirements for our markets. A full range of Sheep and Beef offal is also available.

Please contact us today to discuss all your Red Meat requirements. 


From award-winning Gourmet Cheeses for world leading Airlines, Hotel, Restaurant and Institution (HRI) or for Retail, through to Butter and Milk Powder for wholesale distribution, we are able to meet a diverse range of customer requirements. Garra has quality dairy supply options in New Zealand, Australia and South America.

Milk Powder


Manufactured under strict internationally recognised quality standards, process control and hygiene conditions from high quality milk sourced from New Zealand dairy cows. 

Our milk powders are used in a wide range of food applications ranging from infant formula, nutritional and health products to recombining, baking and cheese extension.

Available in 25kg multi-wall kraft bags.

  • Skim Milk Powder - Low and Medium Heat, High Heat & Heat Stable, Agglomerated and Instantised.
  • Whole Milk Powder - Medium Heat, High Heat & Heat Stable, Instantised.
  • Anhydrous Milk Fat - High Heat & Heat Stable.



Garra International is proud to represent Whitestone Cheese for the Middle East region.

Produced from quality milk sourced from local producers in the South Island of New Zealand, Whitestone Cheese has a distinct cheese character and fine quality.

Whitestone Cheese products are gourmet standard and we have a fantastic full range available from blue, soft, semi-soft, feta and vintage cheeses.



Our butter is unsalted and churned from fresh pasteurised cream using the Fritz process.

It has a characteristic butter flavour and provides mouth feel and texture to end products.

Available in 25kg bulk lined fibreboard cartons.

Manufactured to Halal and Kosher standards using milk sourced from New Zealand dairy cows, which contains no preservatives, antioxidants or food additives.

Other Products

Garra International caters to a wide range of customer requirements. Alternate product lines include Garra branded potato fries for wholesale distribution or retail ready dried Beef snacks, produced locally. All products are Halal processed to satisfy market entry and customer requirements.

French Fries

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Garra International offers customers the finest A+ Grade Potato French Fries sourced directly from Belgium and packed exclusively as Garra brand. Belgium is renowned for producing some of the best quality potatoes in the world. We are proud to be associated with a leading long-established, family-owned potato producer, Bart’s Potato Company.

Please contact us today to discuss all your Potato French Fries requirements.



A developing sector of the Garra International business is the supply of frozen vegetables. Options include single variety packs or vegetable mixes for retail. Supply sources include New Zealand, Canada, Asia and North Africa.

Please contact us today to discuss all your Frozen Vegetable requirements.



Garra International exports poultry products from New Zealand and South America. These include Chicken Grillers and Broilers, Leg Quarters, Bone In and Boneless Thighs and further-processed products such as Chicken Franks.

Please contact us today to discuss your Poultry requirements.


Garra International can offer a wide variety of seafood items from around the world. These range from large volume commodity products such as Jack Mackerel to high-end specialty items such as the NZ Greenlip Mussel for the Hotel and Restaurant sector.

Green Shell Mussels

green mussels

Greenshell Mussels are one of the world’s most successfully farmed mussels, found only in New Zealand. Farmed mussels are fatter and more tender than wild mussels.  Males have a creamy white flesh, while female flesh is apricot-orange.

All specimens have a distinctive green lip. Greenshell Mussels come frozen in the half shell, in retail ready packs. Best boiled or pan-fried.

Availability: Harvested year round. Main season June to September. 



Hoki is one of New Zealand’s most important commercial deep-water species. These fish generally live at depths of 300 – 600m and are most commonly found off the South Island Coast, Chatham rise, Campbell Plateau and in the Cook Strait.

Skinless fillets are available in ‘’shatter packed’’ cartons for wholesale or retail sale. Hoki fillet’s moist delicate texture is best served baked or pan-fried.

Availability: Caught year-round. Main season June to September.

Jack Mackerel

jack mackerel

Jack Mackerel are found only in Australasian waters, especially in the Central and Northwestern Seas. Jack Mackerel fillets, which are oily and high on Omega-3, are dark but lighten on cooking.

Jack Mackerel is suitable for most cooking methods.

Availability: Caught year round



Pacific oysters spawn during the summer between November and March in the Southern Hemisphere. They have an off-white shell with bands of yellow, brown, or purple. The flesh is lightly coloured and has a black mantle margin. Fresh or pan-fried cooking methods are most effective. 

Availability: The species is harvested for most of the year except in the breeding season (from December to March)



New Zealand

Christchurch, Head Office

Garra International’s Head Office is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and oversees all of our operations. Christchurch can be your first contact option and we always openly welcome visitors to New Zealand.

Contact the Team in Christchurch

47 Mandeville Street
Riccarton, Christchurch
New Zealand, 8011
PO Box 2022

Tel: +64 3 357 0055
Fax: +64 3 357 0066




Melbourne, Office

Garra Australia is strategically located in Melbourne, Victoria with access to suppliers of premium Lamb, Mutton and Grass Fed Beef. A major focus is on airfreight-fresh Lambs and high-end programmed business to the Food Service Sector (FSS).

Contact the Team in Melbourne

Unit 1
212 Barkly St
St Kilda, Victoria, 3182

PO BOX 2600

Tel: +61 3 9670 2304
Fax: +61 3 9670 8683




Cairo, Office

Based in Cairo, Egypt, Garra Aldawleya (International) is a key distribution hub servicing local traders, food processors and restaurants throughout the region.

Contact the Team in Cairo

17 Nablus Street, Off Shehab Street,
Cairo, Egypt


Tel: +20 233 050 904
Fax: +20 233 050 882


the treasury petra jordan


Amman, Office

This office services the Jordanian, Kuwait and GCC markets. With Arabic speaking staff to facilitate the purchasing process as well as ensuring timely delivery and handling of goods.

Contact the Team in Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 79588 7011


Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Office

Based in Jeddah, this office services the market with Arabic speaking staff to facilitate the purchasing process as well as ensuring timely delivery and handling of goods.

Contact the Team in Jeddah

Tel: +96 65 5609 9596


United Arab Emirates

Dubai Office

Based in Dubai, our office is a key distribution hub servicing local traders, food processors and restaurants throughout the region.

Contact the Team in Dubai

Tel: +971 4 584 6672

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